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Running with your dog? Read our tips

Running with your dog? Read our tips

The new year has only just begun and everyone has good intentions. For many people, more exercise is certainly 1 of them. More and more dog owners are therefore choosing to go for a run together with their four-legged friend. It is a perfect way to give your dog more exercise but also for yourself. Many runners are all familiar with the runner high or the happiness hormone endorphins are released and cause less stress and improve mood. Enough reasons to enjoy an outdoor activity with your dog. We are happy to give a few tips on how you can best start with this and what you should pay attention to

Build it up slowly.

To get your dog and yourself used to running, it is important to build up slowly together. This way you can get used to running together and prevent injuries for both your dog and yourself. Build up the pace and distance slowly. Leave 2 days between your runs. Running is not suitable for young dogs that are still growing. This is to avoid overloading the joints.

An elastic dog leash with belt

To make running easy for you together, there are practical dog leashes for running. These special elastic dog leashes with a belt that you can click around your hip are a godsend. This way you have your hands free and you can run a lot more stable. This is also a lot more pleasant for your four-legged friend. In the beginning it will take some getting used to, so it is advisable to first walk a bit so that you are well attuned to each other. In the meantime, reward your dog with compliments and a treat such as a cookie if he/she walks faithfully with you. Slowly build up your speed to continue.

Water is needed.

It is good for both yourself and your dog to take enough water with you. It is especially useful if you are going to run longer distances together at some point.

Prevent overheating

It sounds logical, but dogs can't handle heat well. You CANNOT run together in hot temperatures. Your dog cannot get rid of the heat fast enough and may overheat. Don't forget, of course, that the road surface your dog is walking on can be very hot with all the consequences that entails.

Checking soles of your feet after running

After running, it is important that you check that the soles of your feet have not been injured. The soles of the feet can also dry out very much. Use special foot soles spray to keep this flexible.

Support healthy muscles and joints.

The muscles and joints can be put under a lot of stress when running. Especially if you go out with your dog several times a week. More and more athletes and dog owners are therefore choosing to use additional CBD to support the joints and muscles. CannaBioDay has put together various Hip and Joints CBD packages especially for dogs. These packages are therefore certainly a godsend for your active dog as a reward. There are packages for small dogs but also for larger dogs.

Hip and Joint snack box for dogsTrue Hemp Hip and joint snack box.

To support your dog's joints, True Hemp snacks contain special ingredients such as hemp leaf, green-lipped mussel and turmeric. Turmeric is a powerful natural antioxidant that protects the body of dogs. Also, the hip and joint snacks contain green mussels from New Zealand. According to various studies, the green mussel helps the body fight inflammation. This plant is rich in nutrients and improves the stability of the immune system. In short, a boost for your dog. The Hip and Joint snack box is ideal: the cookies can easily be taken on the go as a reward and the sticks are useful to give after running.