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Championship EGCN and Dogshow-like

On Saturday November 23, the Eerste Gezelschaphonden Club Nederland organizes a 3rd championship club match in the Breepark event hall in Breda. The day after, the 21st Dogachtigen will be organized at the same location. A great opportunity to introduce dogs and their owners to CBD and hemp food. CannaBioDay will be at the show for both days for the first time. In this weekend, 3 CACs and the 19 CW titles will be awarded. The varieties are inspected by 3 breed specialists in a beautiful new show location. Low registration fee, free parking and a free photo for every BOB and many other prizes.

The Races that can participate Saturday November 23 are:

1st Bichon Frise
2. Bolognese
3. Boston terrier
4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
5. Chihuahua Shorthair
6. Chihuahua longhair
7. Chinese Crested
8. Coton tullear
9. Dwarf poodle, grey, apricot, red
10. Miniature Poodle, black, white, brown
11. Epagneul nain continatel papillon
12. French bulldog
13. Griffon belge
14th Griffon bruxellois
15. Large poodle, grey, apricot, red
16. Large poodle, black, white, brown
17. Havanese
18. Japanese spaniel
19th King charles spaniel
20th Kromfohrlander
21. Liondog
22. Lhasa apso
23. Maltese
24. Marquise
25. Medium-stroke poodle, grey, apricot, red
26. Medium stroke poodle, black, white, brown
27. Pug
28. Pekingese
29th Petit brabancon
30. Russian toy terrier shorthair
31. Russian toy terrier longhair
32nd Shih-Tzu
33. Tibetan spaniel
34. Tibetan terrier
35. Toy Poodle
36. Yorkshire terrier
37. Biewer terrier

The Races that can participate Sunday 24 November are:

1. Appenzeller mountain dog
2. Argijntine dog
3. Bordeuax dog
4. Boston terrier
5th Boxer
6th Broholmer
7. Bull mastiff
8th Cane Corso
9th Cao Fila do San Miguel
10th Cinmarron Uruqueyo
11th Dogo Canario
12. Great Dane black, black and white, blue, yellow, steamed
13. English bulldog
14. Entebucher mountain dog
15. Estrela mountain dog shorthair
16. Estrela mountain dog longhair
17th Fila BRasileiro
18. French bulldog
19. Large Swiss senne dog
20. Landseer E.C.T.
21st Leonberger
22nd Mastiff
23rd Mastin Espanol
24th Mastin del Pireneo
25th Mastino Napaletano
26. Pug
27. Newfoundland
28th Perro dogo mallorquin
29. Pyrenean mountain dog
30. Rafeiro de Alentejo
31st Sharpei
32. St. Bernard Shorthair
33. St. Bernard longhair
34. Tibetan Mastiff
35th Tosa Inu

If you want more information about the show of Saturday 23 & 24 November click [here]