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Become a retailer

Do you have a grooming salon, pet store, pet boarding house, dog school, dog walking service or do you work as a dog breeder, cattery, veterinarian, animal masseur, animal physiotherapist or animal behavior therapist, then it is possible to offer CannaBioDay products to your customers. CannaBioDay hemp oil has been specially developed for pets and is a popular dietary supplement thanks to its therapeutic properties. In Europe, hemp oil is accepted as a supplementary animal feed. Hemp oil is widely applicable, which is why more and more pet owners are giving their pets hemp oil for anxiety, insomnia, lack of appetite, chronic pain, inflammation and skin or coat problems.

Reliable hemp products have an analysis lab report:

All CannaBioDay products are composed with care. CannaBioDay's hemp products are made from organically grown and fully certified hemp from Switzerland. To guarantee quality, CannaBioDay has all products extensively tested in Austria. As a result, the bottles have a batch number with an analysis lab report.

A wide range for dogs and cats:

Now that there are more and more studies into the special properties of the hemp plant, the world of cannabinoids is developing rapidly. CannaBioDay has a wide range of hemp products for pets. As a result, CannaBioday also offers hemp sheep fat chocolates, hemp sticks, hemp cookies for dogs. Special hemp cat sweets and hemp oil have also been developed for cats.

A nice Collaboration:

I am happy to support your company. As a point of sale , you as an entrepreneur receive personal expert advice, media content, samples & flyers for your customers. Do you have any questions? Or do you want to receive the product catalogue or price list? Or first get acquainted with the products yourself? Then request an introductory package! Starters, freelancers and webshops are also very welcome, I like to think along with you and everything is negotiable. A demo day or a lecture in your company is certainly negotiable.

Feel free to contact us via email: info@cannabioday.nl or if you find it easier, also by phone +316 29 62 37 01.

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