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cat treats with anti-hairball formula

Many cats suffer from hairballs

Cats spend their time bathing and in the process they pick up a lot of hair while licking themselves. Many cats suffer from hairballs. Very annoying for both your cat and yourself. But how do these hairballs arise, what problems can they cause? And what can you do yourself to prevent these problems.

How are hairballs formed?

As the term suggests, hairballs are accumulations of hair. These accumulations are formed in the cat's gastrointestinal tract. Cats are clean animals, so they like to take care of their fur and can therefore wash for several hours a day. Washing has several reasons, for example an insulating effect. By smoothing each hair, the coat has an insulating effect, so that heat and cold can be kept outside. During washing, the coat also gets a kind of oily layer, which in turn makes the coat waterproof to a certain extent. In addition, smell is very important for a cat and the cat can absorb both its own scent and your scent by washing itself. Because of all that washing, of course, many hairs are swallowed. They cannot digest hairs, creating a hairball, which the cat loses by vomiting it out.

Problems with hairballs

Some cats have trouble losing hairballs. This leaves the hairballs in the gastrointestinal tract. Because the hairballs remain stuck in the gastrointestinal tract, they can lead to nausea. You can notice it in multiple symptoms if your cat suffers from this, such as coughing and coughing, wanting to eat grass, a full, bloated belly, constipation and especially 'empty' vomiting.

Measures that you as owners can take yourself

Hairballs are normal and belong to cats. It only becomes difficult if your cat cannot lose the hairballs. Fortunately, we as owners can help our cat ourselves.
 Brush your cat regularly this will cause you to remove a lot of dead hairs before your cat licks them up.
 Cat grass improves the functioning of the intestines and makes it easier for your cat to vomit up the hairballs.
 Special diet with extra fiber so that the intestinal function improves.

True Hemp has developed special cat treats with anti-hairball formula.

This unique formula contains hemp for your cat's health and other natural ingredients to support the reduction of hairballs. For example, the sweets contain hemp leaf and omega-3 fatty acids, Ground hemp seed: a source of dietary fiber. Figs and pea fibers have been added to maintain healthy digestion and remove hairballs more easily. The candies are grain-free and crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, to help remove tartar. Order the cat treats [here]