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Where doors close, new ones open.

Today, after 7.5 years, is my last working day at Coffeeshop Xpresso. For years I have enjoyed working at Coffeeshop Xpresso . This is where I started interested in the special properties of the cannabis plant. The target group that uses cannabis is very different. For example, there are consumers for recreational use, but also many consumers who use cannabis for medicinal purposes. Only when I saw up close through personal experience what CBD can mean, I fully threw myself into this and I started to delve further into this. Because of this I made the choice to start a webshop with CBD and hemp products for people and animals. Now it is time for the next step, in which I focus with my company on the effect of CBD, and its various applications.

The past 3 months have flown by.

Starting my business was a whole new experience with many learning moments, eye openers and new contacts. For example, I had a flyer designed and I brought it to various physio practices and yoga studios in the area. I have been busy writing blogs to give clear information. I have also shared a lot of information on social media via my company page and likes are pouring in.

In June I was at a dog show in Heerjansdam for the first time to introduce dog owners to CBD and hemp food. I also had a photo shoot for a business portrait photo. Because I get more and more brand awareness, more and more orders are coming in. Especially the positive reactions from customers do me very good! Great to hear how happy customers are with their product and the personal information! This is what I do it all for!

The future

There is no crystal ball we can look into. But because the effect of CBD is becoming more and more known, more and more new products are being added. This makes it important to me to sell reliable and safe products through my webshop. Where possible, I add existing lab results of the product in question and I give appropriate advice.


Cannology training.

Recently I started a new course called Cannalogy. (medical cannabis specialist). The demand for professional advice and guidance in the use and application of cannabis and related products is increasing, this training provides a changing approach by applying cannabinoids to various diseases.

By obtaining the MCS Certificate, I am officially registered in a central register, where affiliated doctors can use this advice. As soon as I have the certificate I will let you know for sure!



In the coming period I will be at some fairs to inform the public about CBD and hemp products. Saturday 21 September is the Havenfestival in Alblasserdam where I stand with all my products.

Thanks for all the support.

I also want to thank everyone who shared my facebook page . Have left nice reviews. Placed orders with me and supported me!

All tips are always welcome!