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We know better than anyone how difficult it is for our cat, to become stressed by loud noises, separation anxiety and even by our own mood swings. Stress and anxiety are expressed in cats in different ways. One cat doesn't care about a barking dog while the other is so shy and nervous that they put it on the run when a stranger steps in. Every cat is different! Some cats simply have a nervous personality. These unique True Hemp calming cat treats contain hemp leaf, green tea, chamomile and lemon balm to help relax.


The Cat Treats Calming contain healthy ingredients that cats love

Hemp leaf, hemp oil and ground hemp seed, omega 3 fatty acids and a source of protein and dietary fiber.

Green Tea: For natural calming support.

Naturally calming herbs: chamomile and lemon balm.

Crispy snacks in a shape cats love, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, to appeal to their hunting instincts and help remove tartar.

Grain free.


advice 0-2 kg: tot 12 snoepjes per dag.
2-4 kg: tot 18 snoepjes per dag.
4-6 kg: tot 25 snoepjes per dag.
Instructions Close the packaging with a zip closure to keep the sweets fresh.
To keep Dry.
Amount of 80 gram.
CBD levels There is NO CBD in True Hemp products.
Ingredients Dried poultry protein (16%), fresh chicken (15%), potato flour, potato protein, potato starch, potato flakes, poultry fat, dried liver, hemp oil (4%), hydrolysed protein, cellulose, hemp seed (2%), hemp leaf ( dried & ground, 1%), green tea (0.5%), dried chamomile (0.5%), dried lemon balm (0.5%).

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  1. Lynn de Bie

    Die kammerende snoepjes voor katten werken goed, binnen 5 minuten is mijn kat heel rustig bij 6 stuks

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