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Inspection Service of Value pays attention to CBD

Inspection Service of Value pays attention to CBD

The Inspection Service of Value program paid attention to CBD oil! Wow!!! If only they had called me! I would have liked to have sent them our CBD products because I am 100% sure of the active ingredient and this is actually true! The program, which is totally unclear and mixes up different oils, causes me as a medicinal cannabis and CBD specialist quite irritating! And this is putting it mildly! People get scared of this and get suspicious. And that is not necessary at all provided you buy a good product and get the right information! Since December, CannaBioDay has opened the largest CBD store in the Netherlands in Zwijndrecht with safe CBD brands. Here I would have liked to organize information evenings, but due to COVID-19 that is not possible now. However, you are welcome for personal and expert advice in the store. If you can't come by, read my blog in which I explain everything in Jip & Janneke language.

Cannabis, Weed, Hemp, THC or CBD?

safe CBD oil has a lab report

CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active cannabinoids (substances) extracted from hemp! Although hemp is a related strain of cannabis, it should NOT be confused with the cannabis plant. Hemp naturally has a high percentage of CBD and only a small amount (Bedrocan grows and exports medicinal cannabis in large quantities and doctors find it difficult to prescribe medicinal cannabis.) Hemp is incredibly sustainable and has many applications: hemp is used for grain-free animal feed, car bodies, paper, textile industry, in fireworks and also dietary supplements such as CBD oil. In short, the annual plant is incredibly sustainable.

How does CBD work?

ECS responsible for basic functions

CBD is loved as a dietary supplement and its popularity is increasing. This is of course not for nothing! CBD has an effect with the endocannabinoid system also called ECS. Every human and mammal has an endocannabinoid system from birth. Cannabinoids such as CBD have a connection to endocannabinoid receptors, which is why CBD interacts with the ECS. The ECS functions as a regulatory system. It plays a role in the important organs, areas of the brain, nervous system and immune system. In short, the ESC is able to bring the body into balance. By adding the right dosage of CBD to your diet, you can benefit from the supported health benefits. As more and more research results are released on the properties of CBD and related products, more and more people and pet owners are discovering the benefits. Are you or your pet taking medication? CBD can interact with medications then always consult with your doctor first.

Different CBD oils?

CBD oil is made in different ways. As a result, full spectrum oils and pure CBD oils are available. In general, most companies sell full spectrum CBD oil. Full spectrum oil contains all the active substances of the hemp plant such as CBDA, CBG, a small amount of THC and terpenes. Most people recognize this CBD oil because of its bitter and pungent taste.

Pure CBD oil products only contain CBD crystals, all other substances from the hemp plant have been removed here. This makes the CBD oil 100% THC free and has no taste. Pure CBD crystals can be added to anything. And since the drug test in the Netherlands, a solution for people who want to use CBD safely.

The importance of an analysis lab report!

The popularity of CBD is increasing rapidly with the result that it is for sale almost everywhere. Unfortunately, it is impossible to hold a bottle of CBD oil up to the light to see if it contains the active substances. That is why it is increasingly important that you are sure that you are using safe CBD oil. But also for our four-legged friends it is important that the CBD oil is safe. CBD oil made by a reliable company always has stated on the label how much CBD is in it. (the percentage means how many mg of CBD the bottle contains) But each bottle also contains a batch code with which you can view the analysis lab report online. It is important that the CBD product is tested by an independent party. (otherwise the butcher approves his own meat) A reliable CBD brand makes such results public. So that everyone can see that the CBD percentage is correct. If you are unable to find such information through a lab report then the product is NOT reliable.

CannaBioDay sells only reliable and safe CBD products with an analysis lab report. Do you have any questions or would you like expert advice? Feel free to contact us by mail or phone. You are also welcome in the store.

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