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Dog show with superfoods from cannabioday

Get acquainted with superfoods at K9 Dogshow.

The association Kynologenclub in Heerjansdam organizes a cozy dog show on June 15 for both purebred dogs and purebred dogs. Your dog will be classified on this day depending on age and assessed several times by a judge. This is a great opportunity to introduce owners to "superfoods" for dogs that CannaBioDay sells.

K9 Dogshow

During this pleasant day it is an excellent opportunity to have the exterior of your dog assessed by experienced judges. Your dog will be classified in age class on this day, up to and including 18 months, from 19 months to 8 years and from 8 years and older and assessed several times by judges.

Due to the low registration fee of € 18 per dog and the good atmosphere, the Dogshow is also a great opportunity to get acquainted with dog shows. Do you also want to participate and experience a fun day together with your dog? That's possible! You can register [here ]. Visitors are of course also welcome on this pleasant day and can get acquainted with various dog breeds. If you want more information about the K9 dogshow watch [here] the program.




Superfoods for our dogs.

Cannabioday wants to introduce owners to the products of True Hemp and CBD oil from Cibapet for dogs. Today, many consumers use CBD as part of their daily routine. And now people are wondering if it can be given to their dog? The answer is yes, because all mammals also have dogs with the endocannabinoid system! People aren't the only ones who use CBD. Especially as dogs get older, the basic functions can weaken.

CBD oil from Cibapet is safe for your dog.

Given its association with cannabis, many owners do not consider giving CBD to their dog. And that's a shame because CBD is extracted from natural EU hemp, and is non-psychoactive. (your dog does NOT get Stoned or high) Cibapet CBD oil of 4% has been specially developed for dogs. To complement the power of CBD, the addition of fish oil, vitamin E, protein and fiber contributes to your dog's healthy skin and coat. Also, the formula supports the digestive system and energy levels.

Reward your dog with healthy hemp snacks from True Hemp

Hemp for your four-legged friend is a powerful superfood! More and more owners are discovering the benefits and giving hemp to their dogs because hemp is nutritious food. Rest assured, your dear four-legged friend will not get high or stoned from hemp food and there is no THC in it. However, hemp does contain a source of essential omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Curious about the cookies and sticks of True Hemp? They come in 3 variants: hip + joint, skin + coat and calming. If you have any questions about our products, feel free to drop by, we are happy to help you. Of course your dog can come and taste the dog biscuits.

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More information about the association Kynologenclub in Heerjansdam. Check out the website [here ].