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Buy high-quality CBD oil

Buy high-quality CBD oil?

The popularity of CBD is rapidly increasing with the result that it is available almost everywhere. Unfortunately, it is impossible to hold a bottle of CBD oil up to the light to see if it contains the active substances. That's why it's increasingly important that you know for sure that the CBD you use comes high-quality, safe and from a reliable supplier. These are the characteristics that high-quality CBD oil meets

Grown where soil testing has been performed.

hemp a sustainable crop

Hemp is a cleaning crop. So the plant absorbs everything from the soil in which it grows. So it is able to absorb good things, such as vitamins and minerals, but also bad substances, such as lead, petroleum and toxic chemicals.
The safest CBD oil comes from areas where the government requires farmers to be certified and regularly check their fields for toxins. This involves checking that there are no pesticides, heavy metals, bacteria, fungi, solvent residues or other foreign substances in the soil.


The best CBD oils are extracted using safe solvents, such as supercritical CO₂. In order to carefully extract the substances from the entire plant, this is done with a CO² method. Carbon dioxide is driven through the hemp under great pressure. This creates a safe extract that is free of additives or added chemicals. We do not recommend using CBD oil that is made with the help of chemicals, which sometimes leaves dangerous contaminants behind.

The label says % CBD and the batch code

Good CBD oil made by a reliable company will always have the % CBD in it stated on the label. Each bottle also contains a batch code with which you can view the analysis report online yourself. A reliable supplier makes such results public. So that everyone can see that the CBD percentage is correct. In addition, it has been checked for any harmful additives. Because CBD is extracted from hemp, it contains traces of THC. Usually 0.05% or less, this will not get you stoned or high. If you are unable to find such information through a lab report then the product is not safe.

The price is too good to be true

CBD oil is not cheap to make. So if the price is too low, it indicates that it is made from inferior or contaminated raw materials. And it may not even contain much, if at all, CBD!

No medical claims

Because CBD is getting more and more publicity, more and more studies are being done. The studies are still in their infancy, so CBD is not a medicine. According to EU law, CBD may not be labelled, presented or advertised as capable of preventing, treating or curing a disease. CBD is a dietary supplement

Cannabioday only sells high-quality CBD & hemp products.

CannaBioDay only sells high-quality hemp products and guarantees 100% safety. All oils are provided with a certificate, checked by a laboratory and have a batch number so that you can view an analysis report yourself. Check out [here] all our CBD oil.

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Sometimes it can be difficult to make the best choice. Can't figure it out? We are happy to give you advice so that you can make the best choice. If you are considering starting to use CBD/ or you may have doubts about what would be the best choice for you with regard to these products, CannaBioDay offers the possibility for personal advice via e-mail.