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And on holiday you take with you….. CBD

Yes, summer vacation is almost here. Just a few more weeks and then the school holidays and the construction industry will start in each region. And whether we celebrate the holiday at a campsite or in an all-inclusive hotel, time for relaxation and fun! But can you actually take your CBD oil with you on holiday?

CBD oil on holiday

CBD oil can simply be taken on holiday. CBD is not an illegal substance, so it is not on the opium list and can therefore travel with you according to Dutch Customs . It is advisable not to transport your bottle of CBD oil in your hand luggage, but for example in your toilet bag. * tip Also put the analysis report with the bottle.*

Within the EU it will not cause any problems, but outside the EU it will be a lot more difficult. Some countries see hemp as a drug because it is often thought of as illegal weed. Because the rules can be different in every country, we recommend that you always contact the customs of the relevant holiday country.

CBD Softgels capsules 4%

CBD Softgel capsules – easy on the go

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Taking cannabis oil with you on holiday is going to be a lot difficult!

Weed oil (THC oil) or cannabis from Bedrocan may not just be taken, these medicines are on the opium list. If it has been prescribed by a doctor and the medicine has been prepared by a pharmacist, you can request an official statement for the medicine from the CAK.


Have a nice holiday!